Randy McAllister and the Scrappiest Band in the Motherland


"First rate drummer, harmonica player and potently soulful singer. His well crafted songs reveal a depth of creativity not only in the storytelling, social commentary and word play, but also in the sophisticated arrangements and blurring of stylistic boundaries. With an expressive vocal register falling somewhere between the soulful effervescence of Al Green and the blunt hammer of Johnny Taylor, a shrewd wit and admirable turn of a phrase, McAllister cements himself as a blues bard archetype"  - Living Blues Magazine

"His repertoire of all original material delivers a strong passion with an intensity of Wilson Pickett or Otis Redding...this guy is that good. His music stirs the soul."  - North Padre Island Press

"Triggers be Trippin delivers the soulful and spiritual style of this shining Texas Blues veteran. It characterizes his skillful songwriting abilities, strong soulful vocals, and extraordinary harmonica ability. If you are not familiar with this living legend, you are in for a real treat." - Crossroads Blues Society

"McAllister is a skilled craftsman in the art of songwriting. He combines first-rate melodies with valued lyrics... superbly soulful singer with and ample range who sings each song with a legitimate conviction" - Vivascene Magazine

"When he begins to sing, he holds the audience in the palm of his hand. This is the real deal."  -  Billtown Blues Association

"...great songs about life's struggles, victories, and defeats. Deeply soulful voice and award winning harmonica chops."   -  Elmore Magazine

"...genius at work... awesome vocals and the tastiest harp work heard in a long time." - Blues Review Magazine

"Amazing songs with lyrics that reflect a unique view of the world - a true artist's astute observation of the people and situations around him."  - JSP Records

"...highlighted by amazing vocals, spiritual and very uplifting lyrics from this amazing songwriter." - Mary4Music 



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